Hooded Sprayers

Hooded Droppers have been developed to reduce drift and improve the Irvin Farm range of nozzle platforms.

The hooded dropper has been tested on a range of applications where the hoods can be adjusted for width, row profile, height and shape.

Testing for durability, speed and drift suppression as well as ease of adjustments took place over several years.

Rogator testing hooded droppers

Hoods adjusted for contour

The hoods are light (2.5 kgs), fit into an existing Irvin dropper and come with a specialised tracking skid.

Nozzles are air inducted to further reduce the possibility of drift.

The air induced nozzles require higher pressures in the range of 3 to 5 bar.

Booms should have secure plumbing to handle the higher pressures.

Hoods can be adjusted to suit the flow of crop canopy and the width of rows.

Nozzles can be blanked off to suit row widths.

The hoods have been tested in a variety of different crops.

Hoods operating in beans

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