Nozzle platforms

Nozzle platforms accommodate a range of application needs with attachments covering flat booms, adjustable parallelogram droppers with ground sensing tracking skids, stainless steel spray bars, edge and perimeter sprayers, boomless end nozzles and adjustable hooded nozzle carriers.

CODE: IB4020—7.5mt broadacre attachment with air inducted nozzles.
CODE: IB4040 Broadacre attachment extension to 10.5mt for 6 row toolbar ONLY
CODE: IB4000—6 nozzle spray bar with all fittings & nozzles

Hooded droppers have been developed to reduce drift an improve the Irvin boom application system.

Air inducted nozzles are fitted to reduce off target drift. This technology requires higher pressures in the range of 3 to 6 bar and a new approach to managing droplets. Boom plumbing has been improved to cater for the higher pressure needs.

Hooded adjustable dropper CODE:
IB4011 per outlet includes tracking head
Rogator 1054 Sprayer fitted with hooded droppers
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