Vision Statement

"To assist the sugar cane farming community with knowledge and tools to find solutions capable of bringing balance to our partnership with nature!"

By the end of 2010 we will become an outstanding example of sustainability in sugar cane farming systems by providing a system of tools and knowledge built around carbon smart equipment and values as a means of developing triple bottom line profitability and improving our ecological footprint with CO2 reductions recognising the importance of nature’s capital in developing resilience.

Using GPS guidance for the controlled traffic planting of 2m preformed 800mm dual row mounds

Ecologically sustainable development values nature's capital within a system that lives off the interest of nature's capital. This interest is the ability to recycle humanities waste in line with the demands of humanity's growth and evolution.

Our vision recognises that we are living beyond our means ecologically and we must find the technological, social and environmental means to be in balance with nature's capital and begin living in Nature's interest rather than consuming Nature's capital. We need a new toolkit dedicated to sustainability!


Our Values

The operative values are built around the principles of sustainability leading to triple bottom line values. These values are communicated in trust built from high levels of competence in our areas of expertise supplying our stakeholders with the faith that their investment with us moves them closer to sustainability. These values have resulted in the moments of truth that are outstanding environmental service outcomes.

To ensure we are sustainable in our business, we have a set of principles that we use to help make our decisions. These principles not only leverage the environmental, social and economic opportunities available but also consider the potential risks.


How we will do this

Deliver long term customer value

  • Deliver value to our customers by understanding their needs and expectations and providing solutions to meet these expectations
  • Responsibly advocate the service needs of our customers and the community to our stakeholders

Grow our culture of creativity, care, diversity and innovation

  • Protect the health and safety of all and support the wellbeing of our stakeholders
  • Engender organisational agility and responsiveness through valuing and supporting our people and their creativity
  • Ensure our people have the skills and capability they require to meet our challenges and opportunities now and into the future
  • Create a learning culture through celebrating and increasing the diversity of our people and encouraging innovative approaches

Embrace shared community responsibility

  • Develop mutually beneficial partnerships with the community through effective engagement
  • Foster greater understanding and shared ownership of the challenges of sustainability and enhancing our resources
  • Build more positive relationships with the farming and greater community through open and inclusive decision making

Act to avoid environmental damage

  • Prevent harm to the environment through elimination of adverse impact due to our activities
  • Do not allow ignorance to be an excuse for causing or perpetuating environmental damage

Expand environmental integrity

  • Ensure the maintenance, health, diversity and productivity of the resources we manage results in a sustainable environment
  • Enhance the resilience of the natural and human environment

Secure our economic viability

  • Find efficiencies that reduce internal and external costs
  • Maintain our value proposition to our customers and the community while delivering stakeholder returns
  • Leverage innovation and partnerships to enhance business value

Ensure intergenerational equity

  • Maintain our community’s capacity to provide to meet present and future needs
  • Enhance the capacity of the resources we manage to support our stakeholders sustainability
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