What we are doing

An open system’s approach to the interaction of our systems with the greater environment and recognition that our systems must be designed around our internal capability and capacity to interact with the demands of our external environment. The organisational development is a result of continuous improvement driven by a dedication to growth by competition and projects. The key is the capture and application of knowledge associated with environmental sustainability in agriculture and a systemised approach associated with ISO 14001 standards.

Activities are spread across the entire range of farming tasks incorporating technology such as GPS guided equipment and control in zonal tillage, mound planting, controlled traffic, chemical application, precision fertiliser application and harvesting in both single and dual row systems.

This exposure to all facets of farming is producing innovative equipment, services and knowledge to reduce waste and improve social, financial and environmental bottom lines. The culture of Irvin Farm now reflects a loyalty to knowledge, its creation and its use so long as it continues to produce wealth across social, economic and environmental areas.

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